Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The PocketCinema V10 has a built-in 1 gig of memory and SD-card reader so you can show your presentation on the fly. Gamers will appreciate the ability to take their fun on the road, enjoying their favorite video game in a variety of imaginative locales. The Aiptek PocketCinema V10 has a composite video input, 3-in-1 SD-card reader and USB connection for transferring files to and from your computer to the V10’s internal 1 gig of memory. Even without an external media source material, the V10 can go it alone thanks to the 1GB of internal memory and a memory card slot that supports up to 32GB. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

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See any errors on this page? You may also like. I aiptdk up finding a solution 1. My husband goes abroad to give presentations on our business,when we saw this Projector we were amazed by how small it is,it weighs very little and can fit into your pocket,which is great for travelling.

Click on Globle Website 3.

Can it be connected to TV? Take a meeting or give a presentation anywhere. Enter the numbers as they appear to the left.

Project images on a wide variety of found surfaces 1.


No Longer Available Update Location close. There is a alptek difference to be enjoyed between carrying this g device to a meeting rather than your usual laptop – as long as you can make the room dark enough.

Aiptek Projectors: Aiptek PocketCinema V10 LCoS projector

Conclusion As a portable presentation tool and cinema projector, the Aiptek PocketCinema V10 has all of the right inputs and comes with the accessories needed to take your presentation on the road or watch a movie.

Featuring LCOS technology, a bright LED light source and a long-lasting lithium ion battery, you’ll find a wide variety of applications. clnema

Aiptek’s PocketCinema V10 aims to change that perception: By Gizmodo on November 26, If you have the cash and really want a little projector that can go wherever you go, this is the one to get. By Expert Reviews on December 01, 60 Is that a film in your pocket?

Go to the Aiptek website http: Even without an external media source material, the V10 can go it alone thanks to the 1GB of internal memory and a memory card slot that supports up to 32GB.

AIPTEK PocketCinema V10 Plus LCoS Projector

If you are looking for a pico projector focused on video only, check out the Aiptek PocketCinema Cineka It is quite interesting that manufactuers leaped from those large projectors directly Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks.


Posted May 12, However, I didn’t have a problem connecting a digital camera or using the SD-card from a digital camera.

Posted May 18, 2: You can transfer movies, stills and MP3s to the built-in flash memory, or simply insert v100 direct from your camera or camcorder. I finally gave up I really liked Aiptek PocketCinema V10, but you need to recognize that pico projectors lack the resolution, brightness and contrast of the bigger projectors.

Posted Oct 19, Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any registration. With headphones I had quite a bit of noise and a big pop when I powered the projector on.

Subscribe to Receive Reviews. It’s about the same price, too: Posted Oct 13, 2: Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Just understand that this is intended for a very small audience cnema image quality will not be as robust as a traditional projector.