To use raw devices, first connect a free raw device to your dvd device, use something like:. What kinds of subtitle fonts does xine use? Also make sure you have read and write access on the device the symlink points to. This would not be useful, because xine does its own caching and you usually play DVDs sequentially, which means you won’t reuse anything from the cache. Can I build them? Use wget to download any http:

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What about live network streams zine The main advantage of Xine over other DVB clients is that it can be completely controlled using a mouse. Most of the time, Xv should give the users a good trade-off between quality, compatibility and ease of use.

Note that if a decoder can’t skip frames for some reason, you would never see frames skipped they would be all discarded. Either deactivate ESD temporarily by right clicking on the sound monitor applet and selecting “Place Esound in standby” or just kill it. In the last step you should have seen what is on the VideoCD. When the frame is decoded to be shown somewhere in future but the output thread doesn’t get scheduled in time by the operating system to complete the operation, the frame is discarded.

New Drivers  SCX-6545N DRIVER

You can download a tool to set the region code of RPC-Drives here: Last edited by uglydot; at If this happens with any video, first try a different audio driver gxine -A ossgxine -A artsxine -A alsa …. These characters come from iso and they aren’t displayable.

Configue the via apollo pro chipset is known to be quite weird, most of all on my gigabyte board. Xune you see something playing then this is a hardware problem.

the xine project – Home

You need to set an appropriate encoding in the config option subtitles. First of all be sure that your question is really not covered here and that you haven’t just been a bit too lazy to read through all of this text.

If you are using KDE, there is the possibility that the aRts sound daemon is currently running and thus blocking your sound device. Possibly the file uses some obscure proprietary format and no information is available on how to decode it.

Suppose you are watching a x video in full screen. This is a performance related problem. Here are some hints for individual gfx chips:.

I only see a blue or green or black video image most of the time. Can I watch Real. To fix this, try opening the xine settings window and try adjusting the sliders for contrast, brightness and saturation.


Your convigure should offer a VCD autoscan button or menu item. This could mean you either have to change the device permissions or add your user to a special group e. The latter is responsible for scheduling the frames to be displayed at the right time. The support is also limited to a couple of graphics cards only.

xine(1) – Linux man page

Encoding of external subtitles is bad. The following explains how to get the above configuration going with xine. The two most common frontends xine-ui and gxine are mixed in command line examples throughout this FAQ. First of all, make sure that your OSS Audio drivers are working i.

First of all take a closer look at the compilation instructions above again. If you have a recent gcc you can try to compile “more” k7 support in esp.

In some cases where this fails it helps to specify the dma mode to use, for example:. You have a VideoCD with fonfigure and can see it, but there is no menu on startup?