We decided on a secondary diameter of mm and length around mm. But when i take the toroid off i get nothing until i bring down the primary turns? In your video I see that by connecting it to the ground works, I can not understand. Tapped at 5,4 turns. In addition, the primary current of a conventional SSTC is limited by streamer loading and primary reactance, allowing many variants to run in the Continuous Wave CW state.

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Performance of the coil before tuning, at VAC in kHz primary. Therefore, I designed the coil to have a footprint of just about a square foot, with a secondary length of around 13 inches. Since I’m not a big fan of using VCOs to tune tesla coils, I would use feedback from the secondary coil itself, ensuring that my driver was always in tune.

The entire setup is much tidier and now runs much cooler, so hopefully this will bode well for reliability. Inductive load 25 degrees Celsius degrees Celsius ton — 50ns 50ns trise — 50ns 50ns toff — ns ns tfall drsst ns — ns ns So times are good, I think.

The break in the drzstc prevents eddy currents from being induced causing unwanted losses afterall the primary coil is basically a big induction heater when in operation!

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. After the first run all the circles are almost in a good enough shape to mount on the arms of the topload skeleton. March 22, at The first winding rig fell apart after the 4th layer crsstc varnish and we had to build a better one.


Laurie Kirkcaldy Read more posts by this author. Steve Ward found out that the problem is residual charge in the tank capacitor in the primary circuit that, depending on it being positive or negative, can influence on the driver and give it a bad dgsstc that can last for several cycles before it gets back on track.

Kaizer DRSSTC III | Kaizer Power Electronics

April 13, at At this point, we have successfully obtained our goal of making a big nice spark, and we can turn off the circuit. Notice how poor the efficiency is as dgsstc ON period increases!

I made a new interrupter with selectable BPS, either from 3 to 15 or to January 3, at We instead decided to epoxy the coils as this is a single-step process rather than applying a layer, waiting for it to set and then re-applying for up to 10 or more times. The drive is shut off at uS on the screen.

DRSSTC Bridge Design

Resonant frequency Around 38 kHz. To ensure a good connection to the top of the secondary coil, I also connected some wires to the toroid using some ring terminal.

A new primary was needed to tune requires 7 turns now. I did more tests tonight.


DRSSTC Bridge Design

However, it is important to give the IGBTs a large safety margin, due to stray inductance which can cause severe voltage spikes during switching.

This MMC will be used in a smaller Tesla coil. Debugged PCB design of the driver Forum thread link. There were a few small refinements I wanted to do for the coil but nothing major.

DRSSTC Driver Guide

Soft switching is where we utilise the very low on resistance of an IGBT, and only switch during low currents zero crossings. August 30, at Mads Barnkob November 6, at We used this clear coat epoxy that has a supposed work-life of minutes.

Projects and experiments listed here are dangerous and should not be attempted. April 17, at Made the round platform plates for the coil to be built on, they were cut out from 19 mm MDF wood plates with a modified router, also shown in the picture, very neat for making circular cuts.

Having a capacitor, however, can serve to reduce heating due to Ddsstc losses in the bus capacitors. This results in a reasonably low duty cycle, with a total power not exceeding 3kVA designed.