The temperature of the notebook’s surface stays within reason when operating under light load. Aside from the fact that the upper left corner seems darker, little to no shadowing is perceptible to the naked eye. A thought-out interface arrangement. Slower low-priced entertainment notebooks like the HawkForce Mobile. A still useable battery life is achieved with the 6 cell battery. The size and weight alone are not conducive to frequent transport.

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Video phoneing is also no problem thanks to the 1. While the underside can reach a maximum of It also does well with image and video editing tasks, and modern 3D games are, depending on their demands, possible when set at medium settings. Slower low-priced entertainment notebooks like the HawkForce Mobile. The stability of the viewing angle distinguishes itself neither positively nor negatively from the competition. Of the connections, the left 3. Due to peak temperatures of up to If the Pi is too small, one might then consider its bigger brother, the Amilo Pi The standard keyboard layout with totally comfortable, large keys and a two-row enter key provide for near mistake free touch typing.


Fujistu left out such a thing on the Pi It is advisable to take care when transporting the notebook.

That should be enough time siemenx an average Hollywood film. To be on the safe side, one should test the particular device in question directly on the notebook. Housed inside an elegant and seemingly robust case are relatively well-performing components.

The situations get worse when under loadhowever. You can find complete results of our gaming tests in the rubric titled ” Computer games on laptop graphic cards “. Measured under full load in dujitsu Classic Test of the same tool, only about 1 hour and 45 minutes of mains-free work was possible. All the usual Office applications and video playing devices worked fluidly.

Fujitsu Amilo Pi – External Reviews

How a highly reflective screen can be “perfect for use outdoors” manufacturer’s quote. In allow for communication with smaller mobile devices, Bluetooth v2. Left and right of the keyboard are relatively wide boarders leading to the likely conclusion that there would be enough space for an extra numerical pad were added.

That’s far off the manufacturer’s claim of 1: As a spot eiemens siemens amilo pi we singled out Risen and outlined the frame rates achieved using the Fraps tool. Price-conscious buyers can put the Amilo Pi on their short list.


At idle, the GPU stays halfway cool at around 40 degrees. The lightly abraded surface also proves itself to be pleasant to the touch. Disk data transfer rate.

On the front edge are the Status LEDs The comfortable keyboard and the precise touchpad catch on easily. Please, switch off ad blockers.

Fujitsu Amilo Pi 3560

While one has to make due without scrolling pl or even multitouch, it performs its main task, that being precision steering of the pointerexcellently. Though the DVD drive can sometimes get a bit loud Sound emissions The Amilo Pi in the configuration we tested is an overall pleasantly quiet machine producing relatively consistent and low-frequency ambient noise.

Loudspeakers Both loudspeakers reside in a fairly obvious place left and right in the area above the keyboard.

Although the backside can not be used for interfaces