Hi everybody, about overdive pedals….. Ha, Im checking this every day to see if its back up. This will make your cleans sound smoother and your Big Muff more open and tighter. However, do you think something like a analogman bd-2 is anywhere in that area, rotating speakers aside.. Hi Bjorn, thanks for your response. No other mods are performed as far as I know. I have a strat Fender mexico with black strat pickups replica for Gilmour sounds and a les paul with mini-humbucker for Jimmy Page sounds.

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New OCD v2 is out. August 4, at 9: For the bias control my favorite settings are maximum for Gilmour tones and 10 notches below maximum for my original tones, which is roughly 2: Thanks for the response.

What more do I need to dial it in correctly thanks. The 18V has more headroom compared to the 9V, although both delivers a wide range of tones from clean boost to near fuzz. For instance, a fuzz face would probably be no where near that so what do you suggest.

Did you try both? So wanted to ask If you had to choose just one pedal between a plexi-drive and the buffalo fx evolution which one would you go for to achieve that tone.

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The Throbak is brighter and has more headroom. Kind of a TS but with tons of cool features. Could there be a problem tkbe is it normal? The old Chandler has a bit more warmth as well.

BK Butler Tube Driver review |

I think there were multiple factors affecting the tone coming from the Evolution: I have a Fuzz Pedal not very good brand. Just trying to learn how to tame the beast. Tubes are not ttube expensive and my ears will be the judges!

It has been a great tool for me. Idk what the best way would be, normally I plug my guitar into the compressor, then OD or other gain pedals, then to the amp and anything else goes in the FX loop. You ttube me to use a Boss Ge7? I keep a 12AU7 in my overdrive Gilmouriish. But I have found one guy who is selling Ibanez Tube King for really good price.

Thanks for your time! I got an HSS strat because I wanted to have some versatility in sounds. Its buffers might affect the tone to some extent but not nearly gilmouirsh much as with fuzz pedals.

It adds warmth, punch and brings out the best from your amp… and Hiwatts and Sound Citys can be a bit flat at times. I was also able to find an Analogman BD-2 on eBay, and was amazed ttube how useful it is.


Overdrive and distortion

Then of course, BK. I would like to know you thoughts on the way Huge Green Rhino? Yes, I know all this, and I never use the boost to change dramatically the muff sound, but to add something to make they sound more present in the gllmourish, which is a tipical RH need. Sorry for my late reply Pierre.

David Gilmour’s BK Butler Tube Driver | Equipboard®

May 23, at tubbe Siemens… Or rca nos to get that metallic bright shimmer and clarity while still retaining the bottom end. Placing it after, will be more like adding an EQ. Makes me want to get an HM-2 just to try it. Wow, did I get that right: Hi bjorn, do you think i can use it easier in my bedroom?