Install the software driver and plug in the device and 4 com ports are instantly available. Contact the site with comments or questions. Keyspan claims to work with everything – Mac and PC. I connect it to a low cost powered hub Azio brand so that all 4 of my USB ham radio devices go into the hub and use only one USB port on my laptop. Check out the Keyspan website. This thing is well made and works like a charm.

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Plug and Play installation and backed by a Five Year Warranty! Although Kenwood’s ARCP software is used on ocassion, with the TS, and other software is used with various serial devices, the Keyspan remains rock steady. For a second rig you’ll probably want to use another serial port.

I keyspan usa-49wlc it to a low cost powered hub Azio keyspan usa-49wlc so that all 4 of my USB ham radio devices go into the hub and use only one USB keyspan usa-49wlc on my laptop.

And on, and on, and on By using the hub I can switch all my radio control connections between my Vista laptop and my wife’s XP Professional desktop by just moving one usb cable. Their current interface is via USB. It provides four male DB9 ports for connecting to RS serial devices. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Keyspan has free software you download keyspan usa-49wlc their website for configuring and testing the Keyspan.

New Drivers  DRIVER FOR SDWSDB 000

This has proven to be one keyspan usa-49wlc the most keyspan usa-49wlc computer peripherials I’ve used in over 25 keys;an But, if you need 3 or 4 com-ports, then the price is usa-49wkc, and you won’t be playing with 4 single line USB converters.

Rather than buy another “dongle”, I ordered one of these to keep the clutter keyspan usa-49wlc a managable level. If you only need 1 or 2 RS com-ports, then the cost of this Keyspan model keyspan usa-49wlc pricy for your needs. My question was to have stability with high traffic. It works as well as the single-port units, with both Windows and Linux, and keeps the operating table cleaner.

Supports keyspan usa-49wlc rates up to Kbps – even when all ports are in use! After hours of searching I finally found it usa-49wc Behringer external USB sound card 3. I needed a USB-to-Serial adapter, as like many others, my new laptop didn’t have any serial ports.

And, to program just about any of the late model HTs or mobile rigs via your PC a serial port is required.

Keyspan USA49WLC USB 4-Port Serial Adapter (USAWLC USA 49WLC USA49 USAWLC)

Keyspan is not the cheapest, but you won’t be hunting to find the right driver – just go to Keyspan’s web site. No problems what-so-ever with any of my aging serial devices. It provides a simple way to add serial ports to a PC without the hassle of installing a serial card, turning off the PC, or configuring IRQs.


This thing is well made and works keyspan usa-49wlc a charm. Every site that listed the driver referenced www. It is perfect for any HAM needing several keyspan usa-49wlc speed RS ports in an attractive and compact housing. Keyspan usa-49wlc you don’t need a 4 port version, they also have a high speed USB to single serial port version.

Install the software driver and plug in the device and 4 com ports usa-49lwc instantly available.

Keyspan High-speed 4-port Rs232 Serial Db9 to USB Adapter (usa-49wlc) –

Keyspan usa-49wlc claims to work with everything – Mac and PC. I’ve encoutered no problem at all. To control your rotator with your PC you’ll need another serial port. Where other products failed, the Keyspan don’t! The Keyspan usa-49wlc works flawlessly. The adapter draws its power from the USB port so no power adapter is required. Most personal computers no longer come with serial ports.

These things “Just Work”!