In the “Do you know the template id Here is a step-by-step guide to getting the X10 CM15A USB module to work under Ubuntu on a personal home computer, and then to further get the iPhone Home Controller web-based interface to connect with that module. If you own X10 devices, then like me you were probably excited about the prospect of using the cm15a without going through the procedures below. CM15A on Linux July 24th, , The majority of the code is the same for all four device.

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At this point either a quick reload router can be done and then set up the device manually or a little bit more can be done to the device template to make the CM15A plug and play.

Guide: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux – Something Interactive

It wasn’t directed at you. In the case for dim and bri, the represents a unit of decrease or increase out of units total to the brightness of the light. Code combination is configured thus: Do a quick reload router and wait for the device to be created.

Open the make file with a text editor, I found double clicking on it opened it. If you have any problems with installing, logging in or setting database permissions with PHPMyAdmin, the following three links may help glean some helpful tips:.


This is a great tutorial. I’m also working on a tty like driver for the USB devices. Address not Found Any ideas? Submitted a bug report today and I received the following reply: Cm15s menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Only users that are administrators can temporarily operate as a super user also known as the root user and access and run anything.

Let the computer do its thing, and if it asks to install a certain amount of megabytes of programs, agree to it and continue. That means that you did not enter the above information correctly and will have linu redo the above step to lniux it. Using a TI It’s the only thing I had available and using this example from the manual: Just got this working cj15a Ubuntu So the next step is to install the compatibility layer for the USB Library.

Once you have entered all of your modules, you may notice them also show up in a list when you select module at the top of the screen too. Enter your search terms Submit search form.

X10 CM15A – interface Communication Documentation

These are compressed files packages that contain the driver libraries and controllers. This should momentarily bring up a new application on your screen.


Also the stuff after the x times is what showed up in the output.

The housecodes and device codes range from A to P and 1 to 16 respectively although they do not follow a binary sequence. It looks as though libusb is missing on your system. A window will open.

Tanks in advance pierre. I have packaged up my modifications into tar. So far we’ve figured out lots of bits and pieces but we’ve got just as many questions as we did when we first started out.

Heck there are something like 10 WiFi hot spots within reach of my home. Any hope of getting the CM15A info for Linux? Please login or register.

Guide: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux

To provide the USB interface, I’ve used libusb starting with version 0. Not unless then encrypt it. So I added a module directly in the database using phpmyadmin. I would take the route that zathras suggested.