Our Company About Barcodes, Inc. Once set up, the scanner is quick and easy to use. Motorola TC70 Mobile Computer. We purchased this unit to incorporate into an exsisting Inventory Database. Cradle, cable, and power supply sold separately.

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Metrologic Optimuss Mi5500-6107 Charging Cradle *

After data collection is done, simply drop the unit into its cradle and send mettologic data back to the host to keep information up-to-date and metrologic mi5500. It helps us create a manifest, a task which other scanners could not handle.

Easy to program Moderately priced User-friendly Device. Nice middle ground metrologic mi5500 mobile metrologicc and simple scanner. We use this scanner to keep track of rental equipment. Each SP OptimusS comes with the Optimizer software package to facilitate application development.

Update me with the latest metrologic mi5500 from Barcodes Inc. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

Metrologic Sp5500 Charger Mi5500-614 Optimuss Cradle

However, if you aren’t metrologic mi5500 familiary with it, a technician will probably need to help guide you through set-up. No install instructions Only One Prog Stored. Metrologic mi5500 entire software suite is designed to make PDT application development a painless process.


The included software can get metorlogic involved or simple as you need. Once set up, metrologic mi5500 scanner is quick and easy to use. Theunit exceeded our expectations.

After all adjustments have been made, I then must reactivate items that were inactivated. Easy to use Stores Plenty Of Codes. metrologic mi5500

Metrologic Optimuss Mi Charging Cradle * | eBay

See below metrologic mi5500 remaining inventory available for purchase. Displaying reviews 1 – 5. Motorola TC70 Mobile Computer.

Not a deal breaker, but definitely time consuming. Displaying reviews 1 – 5 Back to top.

It’s metrologic mi5500 to follow prompts, and the ease of changing the program whne needed is a deffinite delight. There are also several simple utilities for uploading and downloading of data.

This ,etrologic batch portable data terminal PDT combines powerful features with easy-to-use software to get up and running in no metrologic mi5500.

MI Metrologic – Optimus S Standard Cradle

The SP OptimusS enables users to quickly scan and store their product information. This scanner is fairly easy to set-up if you have a familiarity with Dos or are good at reading technical manuals. It is replaced by the CipherLab Series. Unfortunately, the metrologic mi5500 does not have the capacity to hold my full database of approximately 20, items. metrologic mi5500


Cradle, cable, and power supply sold separately. A newer version of this item is available. Options Reviews Accessories Service Contracts. This graphically-oriented program allows even computer beginners metrologic mi5500 metropogic and easily setup the applications they wish to run on their PDT. Add Reviews to your site. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Was this review metrologic mi5500