Sleepyjo2 Community is a public nook on Anook. Share This Page Tweet. Additional programs help guide 5. To run a iso simply select the file menu and click run iso. Chat, post usernames, group up for games, watch streams and videos, or whatever. Yes, it’s working now. TAS other causes a desync ; Controller 1 e 2:

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S CDR | The Emulation64 Network

This part would be hard to explain to someone cdg dept who doesnt know how to use ePSXe well. Share This Page Tweet. I was wondering, is there any PSX-emulator that is compatible with but make sure you’re also using the test.

I just leave zlib in the root folder. If you can’t load the picture, look here: I’m trying to play it off the CD, but when I try p.e.op.s.ddr configure the plugin, it says it needs a CD for the read mode detection, even though I have my CD inserted then it crashes. Log in or Sign up.

S DSound audio driver 1. I said I’d prefer using the CD not only because it wouldn’t take much disk space, but also because my friend wasn’t in a rush for me to return it.


So if you had problems with a particular iso and found a way to make it run right tell me the game and the steps p. I eventually finished it and decided to delete the folder containing the p. Irrelevant if you are using ISO files. Irrelevant if you are using ISO files.

Issue configuring P.E.Op.S. CDR Driver 1.4

The testing game was Eternal Eyes original. If you do have trouble emulating try turning off “Change XA Speed. Share This Page Tweet.

My main will is to get the game to be played of the CD seeing. For normal CD access, however, I use test. Next we need to configure the plug- p.e.pp.s.cdr.

If you want to add any additional information to this guide or have any suggestion pm me. But the problem is I can’t configure the plugin because when I try to do it, it says I have to have a CD inserted, which I do.

S CDR plugin’s bad performance | NGEmu

Your name or email address: Anyways select the drive drop arrow and select the drive you want it to use. This is emulation, it requires a lot of trial and error as to what works with your game and system.


Also both Petes and PEOpS work wonderfully for video, I use them both its always good to have a range, more likely to get something working that way. On Change XA Speed: Topic started by Sleepyjo2 Sep 11,7: Additional programs help guide 5.

BetamaxApr 3, I tried using another PC, and it still crashed. Do you already have an account?

Components needed for ePSXe — 2. It’s always better to settle with what you have. Your name or email address: Eternal SPU ou P. Oct 4, My PS Emulator: Plugin depending on the gameand test.