I wish they supported Linux with this device.. Mine is USB0 so I next take a look to verify that data is making to the PC with this command, and pressing a button on the remote. Record a button which controls the device you’d like the uirt to control. Variable – The variable dropdown will either contain a signal as to when the code should be transmitted back out Transmit Type OR the name of the variable that will contain the value when a specific IR code is detected Receive Type. Nice try, anyway As far as startup script goes, good point. So I’ll get it to do some basic tasks. Configuration for the Hauppauge TV card remote:

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Detected FTBM [ I get some check sum error notes in my syslog, but I understand that’s unimportant. I’d appreciate any hints people have already come up with. If that wen’t well, great.

Lirc and the USB-UIRT

To make things clear: At this point I can reliably receive, and transmit worked, but may still have some bugs. My setup is mythbuntu A couple of things to flush out in the howto If I knew more I would do it Nice try, anyway As far as startup script goes, good point. This will ensure that variables used to transmit codes will be cleared after they are sent, and ensures that variables receiving codes are also cleared once the receiving signal is stopped.


Besides TV remotes you can use the device to control most IR based robots such as the Wowwee line of robotic products. Type – Select if the purpose is to transmit the code back out or if you are just watching for the presence of a code. Last edited by benow on Thu Jul 05, 7: If sending power, the device should come on or off.

Power button is the easiest. I understand those are unimportant, as it tries version 1, which fails and generates the error message.

I wish I had bought something supported instead. I got the above working with the below config files.

Select all tar xvfj lirc Note that it will just be a bunch of numbers that you will not understand. Page History Login to edit. For gentoo, the debian startup script should work, or, if want to be fancy, you use the lirc startup scripts which are packaged with the ebuild: Min, Max – specifies some hard limits that prevent the variable setting on receive from exceeding certain values. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

USB-UIRT – MythTV Official Wiki

Action – On transmit the action will be used to compare the value of the variable to the specified value just below the action dropdown menu. You should see something that indicates USB serial drivers are installed. With the default 6 repeats, it would fail and generate messages. I used my cell phone camera to verify my original remote was sending a signal, I then usbuurt it to the uirt. I’ve done irrecord usbuigt, set the carrier frequency, but it fails to control the programmed cd player.



You do this by clicking on a command list which will update the values to the left accordingly and then after clicking on the Learn button press the appropriate button on your remote control. Check dmesg to make sure it was detected and that the tty was created.: USB Serial support registered fo r generic [ The device opens up a wide range of control of such devices to your PC and ultimately under the control of RoboRealm.

You will use this in the next section. Info is getting to lirc, but the driver might be wrong, or the lircd. After this you should be able to use the remote to control your mouse assuming your physical mouse device is not moving. Select all mv test.